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Electrical Safety Awareness

Course Content

  • Applicable legislation
  • Non-statutory documents
  • Risks associated with electrical safety – electric shock, burns arcing, fires, explosions and secondary effects
  • Insulating conductors
  • Enclosures and barriers
  • Fuses and circuit breakers
  • Earthing
  • Double insulated equipment
  • Wiring systems
  • Maintenance, inspection and testing
  • User checks
  • Examples of dangerous situations
  • Action for defective equipment
  • Importance of electrical design
  • Electrical certification
  • Competence
  • Safe systems of work

Course fees

The cost of the Electrical Safety Awareness course is £125 + VAT.

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1 Day

This is aimed at those who require an awareness of the dangers of electricity, and the basic principles for maintaining a safe environment.

Suitable for non-electrical people, as well as providing a useful refresher for electrical personnel, it specifically looks at systems operating at 230 volts and 400 volts, but also considers reduced voltage systems and supplies at SELV.

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