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EAWR 1989

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

Course Content

  • Extent and application of regulations
  • Relationship with other legislation
  • Relationship with non-statutory documents
  • Enforcements and penalties
  • Regulation 4 – Systems, work activities and protective equipment
  • Regulation 5 – Strength and capability of electrical equipment
  • Regulation 6 – Adverse or hazardous environments
  • Regulation 7 – Insulation, protection and placing of conductors
  • Regulation 8 – Earthing or other suitable precautions
  • Regulation 10 – Connections
  • Regulation 11 – Means of protecting against excess of current
  • Regulation 12 – Means of cutting off the supply and for isolation
  • Regulation 13 – Working on equipment made dead
  • Regulation 14 – Working on or near live conductors
  • Regulation 15 – Working space, access and lighting
  • Regulation 16 – Competency
  • Regulation 29 – Defence

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1 Day

A perfect course for those who are looking to gain an awareness of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Covering all system voltages, and investigating electrical systems, installations, equipment and procedures operating at Low Voltage (up to 1000 volts AC), it is suitable for both electrical persons and non-electrical persons with responsibility for electrical safety.

This course specifically excludes mines, quarries, public distribution or generating equipment.

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