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Adjustable Frequency Drives

Adjustable Frequency Drives for Motor Controls

Course Content

  • Applications for variable speed control systems
  • Overview of the principle of operation
  • Constituent parts of variable frequency drives
  • Signal and power cable considerations
  • Setting and commissioning procedures
  • Interrogation and interpretation of the variable frequency drive’s software parameters
  • Generic fault code diagnosis and serviceability for VFDs/AFDs
  • Appropriate test and test instruments
  • Preventative measure to improve drive and motor service life

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The cost of the Adjustable Frequency Drives course is £125 + VAT.

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1 Day

This introductory level training course is aimed at electrical, mechanical and other servicing personnel responsible for the commissioning and maintenance of low voltage variable frequency drives used for motor speed control.

Using the latest technology, it explores the basic operational principles of adjustable frequency drive units, offering an in-depth analysis of commissioning techniques and controlling features.

It’s recommended that candidates have some basic electrical knowledge as well as:

  • Familiarity with common electrical quantities
  • Awareness of the principles and relevant terms for three-phase AC induction motors
  • Knowledge of the application of basic test instruments

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